Gatekeepers! Watchmen! You are to speak out (The Lord has called you out to be Bold today)

This is an excellent blog on the role of the Gatekeeper’s,Thanks for taking the time to share this I will also share this on my anointed lighthouse ministries blog here on wordpress. God Bless!

Ancient Paths

Gatekeepers have three primary roles

  1. To protect the Lord’s house.  This means they defend the gospel, the truth of the Word and Protect the holiness of God’s house. Their hearts are on fire with the Fear of the Lord. They want the Lord’s house to be a house of Prayer and they are not content until they see the Lord’s will come to place. The gatekeeper protects the House. They know the scriptures well and are full of understanding. They are bold to speak out against the sins of the church- even if it means they will be mocked, hated or even kicked out of the church. They stay close to the House of the Lord
  2. They keep the Lord’s people on the right path, keeping them from drifting from the Lord. As a staff or sheepdog would keep the sheep together from straying, so the role of gatekeeper is the same…

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What is the Meaning of Planet x Nibiru? Home of the (Ananuki Nephilim)

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Elongated heads of the giants
Elongated heads of the giants


Since the beginning of recorded time, and probably long before that,far out  in the heavenly bodies reaching out into the terrestrial galaxies, being’s of unimaginable power and intelligent exsisted.We know this from the thousand’s of ancient manuscript’s that have been unearthed during the last 3 centuries alone.They seem to visit at will ,materialise then dematerialise in front of the watchmen, and or other individual’s. The biblical aspect of these visitor’s is very different from the propgations of the New Ager theorist’s that we have to inform us. For example,David Icke and other sensationalist authour’s have made million’s from this twisting of the truth’s that are biblical ,and yet they incorporate scripture in their video’s and book’s to make you think that they are correct in their interpretation.Claiming to be able to deciphere the ancient Sumerian hierogliphic’s on cuneiform tablet’s,in reference to the Annauki race of ET’s.and their ancient planet . Let me remind you of Christ’s teaching that in the end days ,many false prophet’s and teacher’s would arise , some even claiming themselves to be the Christ. Let’s have a look at this ancient word Nibiru  and the name it’s supposed inhabitant’s the Annauki.First Nibiru isn’t even spelt correctly according to Archeologist’s and Palentology, The correct spelling is actually Ne-Be-ru and that’s how it is pronounced on the Sumerian cuneiform tablet’s, as well Ne-Be Rum and in the Akkadian language. It is mistake’s like this that throw people off , and make’s the Mayan’s and the Druid’s and other prophetical insight’s look totally foolish. How about the difference’s of calendar’s.The Junier Calendar which ancient Irish used, to calculate their prediction’s and it was 12 days per month different from the Mayan’s calendar.  Gaelic traditional manuscript’s also say ,there where sages and wizard’s ,like Merlin , for example the most famous one and they where called the Guntatari priest’s, in ancient Erie(Ireland Hence the word Mount Tara place of their solstice).We as a human race are being stupefied, by something here,as these truth’s of history have definitely been altered to hide these thing’s from us all.I not about to speculate but I can only think of high ranking human’s to be at fault here.Even here, in Canada and the United States, there’s proof of covering up the archeological find’s of large Skulls and skeletal remains’.There are a number of newspaper article’s in the late 1800’s of Nephilim (Giant’s being found and unearthed and then confiscated by museum’s and government branches so as to shut up the finder’ sand secure the evidence so the public and press don’t get the full story. This is very repelling to me, because these are the facts ,that God has left here on this planet that so prove scripture with the Holy Bible . Take for example,Genesis Chapter 6 The first 7 verses talk all about beings, called The Son’s of Bnai Elohim ( meaning the son’s of the god’s)coming here,from the heaven’s above and forcefully taking  the woman of earth because they where seduced by their beauty, whom ever they would they took and raped them Through this act they created a hybrid race of giants.Goliath is our memories stigma ,from childhood bible stories.But part truth is never sufficient to make a decision on a subject and they know that we wil lthink it is a fairy tale.I know forsure that there is something to these find’s God is tellin us something. In Babylon, Neberu(Nibiru) was the seat of Marduke their demi god ,summus Deus the one who pasture’s the star’s like sheep.This is a reference to Satan/Lucifer The bright one.

The race of giants descending from Anak,(Hence Annauki) they dwelt in the middle east(Canann, Moab and Edom) in the antideluvilan period  spread fromthere throughout the entire earth, where eventually they died off or simply left here.When god flooded the earth, in was because of their presence that he did this, They are called the seed of Satan being half Angel and also half human. according to the biblicalthier father’s where the fallen angel’s and when  they descended here,the beauty of the women was too much for them. They raped them and no one could stop them after all they where ,god’s such was their influence on us that people scarificed their children to them in fear.Thier children the Nephilim giants where men of stature and many became the Ancient kings on the earth. But God had his own plan to eradicate them. Thus they where called the earth bound there spirit’s would roam the earth without a body to live in , This could amount to all the paranormal events for they could be classed as disembodied spirits or spirit’s with out a body.Biblical account in the book of Jude says that ,God had the holy angels chain those angels responsible for this corruption of his into the deepest regions of the abyss.We will continue this  in my next UfoTracker Investigation Blog so follow us here at wordpress wealthman777annunaki2634289308954038879-the-flight-of-pacal 0 th5P1WAABJgiant3